75 Years of BBC Television History


THE opening titles for EastEnders were updated for the first time in ten years — but fans may struggle to notice.

Show boss Diedrick Santer ordered a subtle change to the iconic London map sequence, BBC1 soap updated to a 3D edge, like Google’s maps. The titles were last changed in 1999 to include the Millennium Dome. Diedrick said: “The style of the map image, as well as the content, was a little out of date.”

This iconic image has followed the history of the BBC and would be a good thing to incorporate within my sketch. The image of the Eastend part of the City is also effective situating the soap. The subtle but effective addition of the clouds could symbolise the disturbance and darkness, which is relevant in the soap. Further more this works collectively well with the composition of the camera (spiralling) because the spiralling map reflects the twisted story lines and chaotic situations which unravel, as the map unravels itself until the viewer establishes that sight of the Eastend. Also the appearance of the river tems is convenient because of its twisted and ‘up-down’ path, which could reflect the up-down relationships and bendy story lines of the soap. All of these conventions work together which establishes a clear identity of Eastenders.


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