75 Years of BBC Television History

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Final Proposal


BBC news widgets

The iGoogle ‘BBC News’ gadget first launched in 2009 – the first one created for and by BBC News. In September 2011, the design and format of the gadget was subtly updated, reflected a fresher look and more customisation in the ‘more stories’ section.

This is a something that audiences work with and relate to quite well, giving them the freedom to customise there own web experience. This in keeps well with the notion of social media contained within the advert, and a possible indication of something I could visually implement within my end sequence. This would also then touch upon the fact that the BBC has so many platforms of distribution like that to the various channels they have. Touching all bases and many audiences.

QR code for facebook event

This is a QR code that features at the end of the advert which is intended to lead audiences to the viral campaign, the featured Facebook event.


The Facebook event – PARTY AT ISSI’S!

The Facebook event – PARTY AT ISSI’S! 

04 November at 18:00

Key concepts of event:

– realism, viral, content, co-creation…

In conjunction to the advert, a Facebook event was created in “real-time” and organised publicly. The idea was for friends to event friends and then friends of friends etc. until eventually it became widespread. This type of viral campaign, would then allow for realism to come through and create a sense of co-creation from groups of individuals to get engaged. Whilst this event was organised, the content and consequent footage gathered from participates that followed the event, could then be used and implemented within the advert.

social network dennotations

social network is a social structure made up of individuals (or organizations) called “nodes”, which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, common interest, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige.

Featured within the advert as mentioned previously are social media networks, facebook and twitter. Through out the aesthetics of the video I have in kept with the stylistics and colouring of the intended network. This also includes the fonts and shapes. For instance, when creating the conversation for the event between the characters, I have recreated the facebook template for consistency. This follows from the research I produced when looking at the trailer of the social network movie.

As well as in keeping with the stylistics of the social networks, I have also included the google map icons, with the pin drop, this really enhances and highlights the modern day technology that our lives are now founded on.

BBC Channels

Though BBC 1 is an establishment of the broadcasting service, I think it is clear as the brief mentions to look at and incorporate the influences of other channels distributed by the BBC. I think the advert will have a strong influence of BBC 3’s identity, which is a little bit more contemporary and fresh. However, I will include key moments from a combination of these channels.


THE opening titles for EastEnders were updated for the first time in ten years — but fans may struggle to notice.

Show boss Diedrick Santer ordered a subtle change to the iconic London map sequence, BBC1 soap updated to a 3D edge, like Google’s maps. The titles were last changed in 1999 to include the Millennium Dome. Diedrick said: “The style of the map image, as well as the content, was a little out of date.”

This iconic image has followed the history of the BBC and would be a good thing to incorporate within my sketch. The image of the Eastend part of the City is also effective situating the soap. The subtle but effective addition of the clouds could symbolise the disturbance and darkness, which is relevant in the soap. Further more this works collectively well with the composition of the camera (spiralling) because the spiralling map reflects the twisted story lines and chaotic situations which unravel, as the map unravels itself until the viewer establishes that sight of the Eastend. Also the appearance of the river tems is convenient because of its twisted and ‘up-down’ path, which could reflect the up-down relationships and bendy story lines of the soap. All of these conventions work together which establishes a clear identity of Eastenders.

Sky Movies through the christmas years

The new 2011 Sky Movies Christmas ad is wonderful feel good holiday spot featuring Jason Thorpe, and narrated by Sir Michael Gambon. Thorpe finds himself in a mashup of popular films including: Superman, Where the Wild Things Are, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Gulliver’s Travels, The King’s Speech, Mary Potter and It’s A Wonderful Life as he makes his way home to his family for xMas. Similarly to my intentions, the idea of these feel good movies have been employed within Thorpe’s naration and showcase the favourite characters through the years.

Issabela Shields


This character was chosen as it is the name of the first woman who worked with founder Jacob Reith in January 1923. Above I have featured a link with more description about this character.

“Jay” Jacob Reith


This character was chosen as it is the founder, Jacob Reith, of the BBC in January 1923. Above I have featured a link with more description about this person.

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