75 Years of BBC Television History

Hybrid Media

Lev Manovich: Understanding Hybrid Media

Published in Betti-Sue Hertz, ed., Animated Paintings (San Diego: San Diego Museum of Art, 2007).


Media Hybridity

Manovich looks and highlights the combination of several mediums working together. He describes it as a type of “metalanguage” that looks at the visual languages that are formed, with a particular focus of moving image. In todays culture, there is a hybridisation of media this means several mediums are juxtaposed together. I have used this approach within the advert, for example, the use of animated typography augmented within the scene. The combination and interaction of this text with the character provides a form of hybrid media.

Deep remixability

Deep remixability is described as cultures beign ‘governed’ by fusions, collages, or mash-ups and can be said for fashion, design and the web etc. This is something that can be found in the advert the combination of widget applications, social media, mapping and video. Also the use of co-creation, using participants photographs from the event as content. This allows for a diverse and contemporary strategy to showcase the content.





The video is annotated.


I decided to produce an Anamatic as timing is an issue. The script is 4 pages and the Advert is meant to be 2 min’s. According to experience this would end up as 4- 5 mins.

After putting the Anamatic together it is obvious to me that the this is a tight squeeze. However is will not be 4-5 mins rather 2-3 instead. I have decided to shoot the material and edit down in post production. this will give me an options for  the 1 min and 2 min version. I have put exit strategies in the script to ensure this. For example when cutting straight from the bedroom scene to the front porch with spencer Kelly and the party.

Aesthetic example

This video exhibits how to compose and layer history in a harmonic way. This Civic Honda advert transitions using a lot of shapes encompassing the movement parodying the movement and shape of the car and its mechanics.

Comping Strategy

Here is a still from the website history pin. Historypin is the place where people come together to share their historical pictures and stories and is a way for millions of people to come together, from across different generations, cultures and places, to share small glimpses of the past and to build up the huge story of human history.

What is most interesting about this is the way this historic image has then been placed over the scene of now. This combination of old and new allows audiences to learn and discover, compare and contrast scenes of their everyday environment. This juxtaposition is a great way to explore the fusion of the historic and current people within the BBC and my advert.
Photosynth is a powerful set of tools for capturing and viewing the world in 3D. You can share these views with your friends on Facebook, publish them to Bing Maps, or embed them in your own Web site. This exploration of 3D is a possible tool I could implement within my moving image. The combination of media intended for my advert will look into 2D and 3D applications, and therefore this tool is something that bring a good dynamic to the postman pat scene.

Similarly to the above image of history pin this placement offers a dynamic contrast and use of juxtaposition. The use of 2D and 3D clearly demonstrated here.

Inspiration of iPad Head

"Page 2
She pokes the iPad out side the door with Bazs face on it.
Do you see anything?
She steps out with the iPad covering her face. It looks
like Baz's face on her body. She swivells around."

This video was an inspiration to the scene where Issabela puts the 
iPad in front of her face. This is a humorous and intriguing way to 
explore modern technologies within hybrid media.

First Draft of intended project

75 Years Of BBC round Yours 3rd draft

Bellow is an idea of how I could display some of the interactions between the 2d and 3d animations.


This refers to the section in the script labeled BBC Footage

” 9. Postman pat having conversation with Wallace and

grommet and an old animation and BBC 3 plastascene idents"

From a Marketing Angle

Here are a few contemporary examples of marketing strategies that I could employ to target my audience.

The video is basically a cast-wide chat via Facebook status updates. Most of the material comes from Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg, the man who started it all. The narrative follows the films main characters which are shown as thumbnail profile pictures. This elusive exploration endeavours to be ambiguous and explosive. This form and use of social media helps connect to the audiences through its familiarity and context.

Google Chrome’s “The Web is what you make of it” features Jamal Edwards, a London youth who used the web to turn his hobby into a media empire. The social media clip tracks the rise of Jamal Edwards and the emergence of SBTV as one of the UK’s leading teenage broadcasters. From capturing his friends in car parks to interviewing some of the world’s biggest celebrities, we see how Jamal used the web to achieve his dreams. In a short amount of time, his channel become on demand for youth entertainment media.

These both explore the use of web and social interactions within that context. As a clear predominant media used by audiences these videos employ a clear emphasis on connecting with the end users. With this in mind, I feel these type of devices of the web and social media would be a great device to use within my advert for the BBC. Then resulting in the possible means to make a “personal” connection to the individual and the boom of social networks also connecting with a general audience as well as the intended target.

This fresh and quite contemporary composition is a key influence within my approach to the brief. With an emphasis of a target audience of 15-25, Adidas exhibit a House Party with a guest list including David Beckham, Katy Perry, Kevin Garnett, Missy Elliott, and Mark Gonzales clearly in keeping with their brand, aiming at teenagers. With this in mind,  I found my approach to the BBC brief journeyed towards Adidas’s concept of the new, celebratory and youthful direction.

The 75th anniversary is something to be celebrated exhibiting the people watched by many through the years. Bringing the stars from the tv into the real environment as guests of a party will celebrate the BBC being in your home and apart of your lively hood growing up and now. Also, as an audience it is evident that viewers have the notion of aspiration for those we see on television and the ideology of connecting with them, being like them. This collation of Isabel and Jay (a symbol of the audience) with the much stars helps aid this notion.

This combination of a fresh and contemporary party, involving the BBC characters juxtaposed with the adverts, as well as the incorporation of social networks, really holds a new and old theme.

Translation Methodologies from Onedotzero: Golden age

From marker 3:27 to 3:58.

I will reference this type of interface when it comes to the translation of the foreign languages being represented in my advert. However, I think the interface needs to be more calm  and the augmentation will need to be a lot more immediate. (Remediation : understanding new media J. David BolterRichard Grusin, 2000, MIT Press).

Initial ideas.

On Wednesday night I was browsing through BBC iplayer as a source of inspiration. Nothing was clicking and I decided to take a break. What I did not notice and what was probably most obvious, was that I automatically switched to channel 4od and caught up with the lastest episode of the new “Hit” series Fresh Meat.

It then became clear to me that I was the demographic. Channel 4 was littered with advertising/entertainment tailored to the target audiences, my audience. This is a great place to start!
Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Peep Show, The Inbetweeners, The Office, Extras… The British have a knack for comedies about social awkwardness. That’s only natural, given that we have a knack for social awkwardness full stop. People in other cultures communicate by saying what’s on their mind. We communicate by saying anything but what’s on our mind, while expecting our interlocutor to read our true thoughts in the movements of our eyebrows or the sweat glistening on our brow. As well as comedies about social awkwardness we’ve produced a strikingly high volume of great poetry. From a nation so inarticulate, this may seem improbable, but in fact it makes perfect sense. No man with the guts to tell a girl how he felt ever wrestled with a line of pentameter.

Social awkwardness does seem to be penetrating the 15-25 entertainment demographic. How does the writer derive comedy from this? Typically British Comedy. Perhaps, I could use this a device to start a conversation with my audience and let this awkwardness follow through into the online world. Maybe, what might be even more interesting is identify these awkward moments online, to see how they may manifest and grow even go viral fuelled by many social networking platforms out there.

Satement of intent

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